General introduction to information technology

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The field of information technology or information technology or is a broad field concerned with technology and its areas related to processing and managing information, studying, developing, designing, activating, and supporting computer-based systems.
Information technology, or information technology, depends on many research and applications and has become one of the main drivers of production and growth in many countries of the world. Working to develop them helps to increase productivity in most areas.
Through information technology, a person can abandon the complex and difficult traditional systems, and replace them with easy modern technologies, which leads to the reduced effort, time, and manpower, and they are used in the medical field, administration, banking, and the educational field.
It is mentioned that this term began to appear internationally in the eleventh century, and the beginnings of information technology were simple; Where it relied on collecting information, then arranging it, and classifying it, then the matter evolved into linking the information with each other in logical chains, until the systems through which data are entered, reviewed and saved appeared, and developed by relying on databases and their giant systems.