Why have people around the world directed to learn programming during the lockdown period in the Corona pandemic?

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Research by Box Boat for digital transformation indicates that about one in four people spent time learning programming languages during the lockdown that coincided with the corona pandemic around the world. Where the most popular programming languages were Python, Java, and C ++, and then followed by web design languages such as HTML, JS, and other languages as shown in the image within the post.
As for the people's motivations for this learning, the biggest motivations were to improve their skills with the goal of career development (55%), personal development (46%), and improving job search opportunities (33%). People no longer feel job security in their jobs and they start to look for free career paths that provide them with additional income in their lives.
On the other hand, YouTube and many other freely available contents were the top source of training materials for most of the people who developed their skills (66%). However, one in three people turned to paid resources via distance learning, with the aim of developing their skills by directly communicating with many specialized training institutions around the world.
Despite the necessity of this lockdown, it has had a devastating impact on global economies. On the positive side, much of the workforce has become more skilled during their layover, with about 70 percent of people indicating that their technical skills have improved "moderately or substantially" since the COVID-19 pandemic (as many have certainly learned what Zoom and others are. Distance education tools).