Why should you own a website?

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The website is known as a number of pages that are linked to each other with different links, which are stored on the same server, as this website can be accessed through the use of a computer with a web browser attached to it, and it is connected to the web, and the website can also be browsed using devices Portable smartphones, and tablets too
Some people give great attention to websites, and others see them as a simple and unimportant part of our life, but we at OJX offer you this service (creating and designing websites and applications), and in this article, we explain to you the importance of the website for you and your project.
Why should you own your website?
As you own a project on the ground, you must know where your customers are, but if your customers know what your project is and what you can offer them, but they cannot reach you? This in itself is a great risk that may occur if you do not have a website. The website is one of the important factors for any company or institution, as it is a reserved electronic space on the Internet through which all services or products that you provide to your target audience can be lifted.
As the website has become the first in terms of importance in the e-marketing process, and here are some of the benefits that you will reap from owning a website for your project or business:

•    Building an identity for your company and consolidating it in the minds of customers:
One of the most important features and benefits that the website may give you for your project is the ease of browsing and remembering the name of the site and entering and leaving it by visitors or preparing the content with a professional logo and coordinating the company's products, colors and services in a distinctive way that makes the customer remember your site and services continuously, but makes him repeat the name of your site when he asks him. For example, someone on a site that offers such a type of services, the ease of frequenting the site and seeing the logo constantly may build a relationship between you and your customers, unlike some advertisements that do not reach most people for distances or even to be busy at work and not follow programs or lack of time to wander in malls, streets and places Public and famous, then here lies the importance of the website to easily remember your company and brand.
•    The low cost of creating a website compared to establishing a headquarters for your project:
The cost of the website is very simple, and it can be said that it is inexpensive compared to owning a store on the ground, equipping it, and providing human resources, and here lies the importance of owning a website, as through it you can create a distinctive design and domains of hosting website with wonderful and attractive designs and inconsistent colors, and work A special identity for your product or idea at very low costs.

•    Reliability:
By creating a website, you give your customers a convincing reason and a definitive answer that will push them to trust your project or company. Believe it or not, many people will search through the Internet for the product or service before they buy it when you provide a good service or a good product. This will reflect positively on your organization or company, but this is in the case of a website that shows this information about your products.

•    Much more customers and clients than reality:
  This is not out of thin air, but from the universality of the Internet and its spread, as you can lead in certain areas using SEO and good SEO for the site and various articles, here customers come to you from all over the world, perhaps, not from your geographical area or from the mall or the city in which you are located and not From the country only if your targeting is extensive and comprehensive.

•    The site is evidence of professionalism at work:
In light of development, people have come to feel that whoever owns a website is evidence of his professionalism at work. Your company or purchasing your product and services.

•    Better and wider reach and marketing:
Websites are one of their most important advantages that they are currently considered one of the most effective marketing methods that are used by major marketers and are used by major companies around the world. The website also provides you with greater marketing opportunities other than the reality on the ground, and wider spread opportunities. There are no limits here for customers and customers and are not restricted to a geographical area. A good product with a good study for your audience, and the audience will reach you from around the world. Don't worry, payment has become online and delivery has become easy and fast to anywhere in the world.
• Your website is available around the clock and your social network accounts are accessible every day, 24 hours a day.
Attracting many new visitors.
• Building a strong target client list.
• Spread your business in a simple and organized manner.
• It helps you build a brand.
• Increasing customer confidence.
• Ensuring customer loyalty to serve you.