about us
About Us

About City Art IT Solutions

City Art for IT solutions is a global company working in: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Yemen, Egypt, and Turkey. Specialized in the field of integrated systems for companies, institutions, and organizations and in building and designing websites, mobile applications, and AI. It is characterized by a specialized team in all areas of work and works flexibly in developing systems according to customers' needs and provides the best technology solutions to organize work and save effort, time, and money, which leads to the rapid growth for the companies of various types of businesses activity.


Achieving leadership in accelerating the growth of companies and institutions, both organizationally and in marketing

The Message

Accelerate the organizational and marketing growth of companies and institutions through integrated electronic systems, applications and websites, and by adhering to quality and international standards


  • # Quality
  • # Confidence
  • # Learning
  • # Innovation
  • # Adherence to global standards
  • # Profitability


  • # Accelerate the growth of companies and institutions
  • # Provide integrated and distinct solutions and systems that customers trust
  • # Building a global and professional team
  • # Helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas and dreams into reality
about us
about us
Why City Art IT Solutions
We are a leading company in the field of information technology, always striving to be the best choice for business advancement.

Why we are the best :

  • # A professional team with extensive experience in business fields
  • # Provides turnkey systems and solutions that save time, money and effort
  • # The presence of offices, agents and work teams in several countries
  • # Use the latest technologies and practices
  • # Excellent working methodology and global partnerships
  • # Excellent customer service and multiple and continuous technical support